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The impact of SINA LOKETA in the Ugandan society to date has been the founding of over 6 new social enterprises in the refugee and host communities, which created over 200 new jobs so far. The SINAL’s enterprises have in the last year improved the livelihoods of over 150,000 people through our interventions, products and services. And

290,000 plastic bottles, compacted with soil to make »Bottled bricks» as an alternative to burnt bricks causing deforestation and release of toxin emission contributing to Global warming and climate change on our planet.


Direct Impact :

  • 70,000 people have been reached and positively Impacted through SINAL COVID-19 Response Initiative in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement.
  • 60,000 face masks and soap produced and distributed in the refugee and host communities:
  • 30 families are economically being impacted through masks and soap productions/selling to economically recover from Covid-19 unemployment:
  • 5 new social enterprises have been emerged in our SINAL HUB to solve the most pressing problems in refugee and host communities
  • 100 students affected by Covid-19 lockdowns in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement have access to free internet connectivity daily and actively participating in e-learning as through our Community Networking Initiative Centre Wifi-Hotspot in the camp.
  • 200 scholars empowered
  • 30% of the scholars found their purposes in life and found jobs
  • 15% of scholars created their own businesses and self-sustainable
  • 290,000 plastic bottles upcycled to save the environment from plastic waste