Establishing New Normals

As climate change constantly evolves and poses new threats, SINAL galvanizes local refugees to establish and normalize innovative agricultural practices so as to respond to this evolution. Working with international partners, SINAL is piloting new agro-farming, cooking oil production, and vertical farming techniques, sustainable in design, so as to be scaled throughout Bidi Bidi. 


Examples of projects we implemented in this area

Loketa Agro Farming

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Training refugees and farmers to sustainable agriculture techniques, providing cultivable land and access to an oil processing machine in order to create oil from different crops.
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Afia Porridge

Afia Porridge is one of the SINAL Award winning start-ups in Bidi Bidi that’s adding value to mushroom and other agriculture vegetables to offer affordable nutritious porridge powder rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins
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Eco-Bees Uganda

Ecobees Uganda aims at preserving our forests through promoting modern bee keeping in local communities
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Eco- Building is up-cycling plastic bottles to build artistic and affordable houses in both rural and urban communities and while creating employment for disadvantaged youths in Uganda.
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Genesis Agri Farm

engaging women and girls in sustainable agricultural businesses to earn a living
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